Machu Picchu is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and it’s important to follow the regulations to preserve the site for future generations. Here are some regulations to keep in mind:

  1. Tickets: All visitors must purchase a ticket to enter Machu Picchu. Tickets are sold for specific time slots and are limited in number, so it’s important to book in advance.
  2. No food or drinks: Food and drinks are not allowed inside Machu Picchu. There are no food vendors inside the site, so bring your own snacks and water to keep you hydrated.
  3. No littering: Littering is strictly prohibited inside Machu Picchu. There are no trash cans inside the site, so make sure to pack out all of your garbage.
  4. No touching or climbing on the ruins: It’s important to respect the ruins at Machu Picchu and not touch or climb on them. This can cause damage to the delicate structures.
  5. Stay on designated paths: There are designated paths throughout Machu Picchu that visitors should stay on to prevent damage to the site.
  6. No smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside Machu Picchu to prevent damage to the site and to protect the health of visitors.
  7. Respect the wildlife: Machu Picchu is home to a variety of wildlife, including llamas and birds. Visitors should not disturb or feed the animals.
  8. Use the restroom facilities: There are restroom facilities located throughout Machu Picchu, and visitors should use them instead of going to the bathroom in the surrounding area.
  9. Follow the instructions of guides and park rangers: Guides and park rangers are there to help protect the site and ensure the safety of visitors. Follow their instructions and ask questions if you need help or have concerns.

Remember that Machu Picchu is a fragile and unique site that deserves our respect and care. By following these regulations, we can help preserve this incredible wonder for future generations to enjoy.

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